Uprite Construction was founded By William C. Mansell and has been in business in the greater Phoenix area since 1979. With over 40 years of construction experience on properties ranging from new custom homes to commercial complexes Mr. Mansell has honed his craft to a fine edge. He has had extensive dealings with design commitees as well as County and City officials to overcome obstacles that are always a challenge when building or remodeling a home.

For the past 15 years he has specialized in Remodels and created a nice niche for himself as remodeling requires special knowledge as well as the ability to be fliexible and problem solve on the fly.

Uprite Construction's goal is to provide you with a custom remodeling experience that fits your individual needs. We are dedicated to giving you not only the design that will inspire and keep a smile on your face for years to come but also provide exceptional service, quick completions and as few headaches as possible during your transition from your old house to your home of the future.

-Uprite Ownership

Personal attention to each job:
At one time or another we at UPRITE have been on the other side of the home building/remodeling process so we know how frustrating it can become if allowed to. So we treat each job like it was our own home being worked on. Whether its taking a little extra time to make sure the jobsite stays clean or putting that little extra bit of love into each tiny detail. We feel that if it is what we would want then it is what you would want too.

Client participation:
At Uprite Construction building, and more specificall Remodels are our passion. However we don't assume that our taste is the same as everyone we are working with. We pride ourselves on really listening to each client and trying to get an idea of how THEY live and what makes THEM tick. What is most important to you. Too many builders just regurgitate the same boring designs house after house. We want each job to be custom fitted to each individual. So when all is said in done, the project feels like YOU.